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MasterChef Story: Episode 5 “Mexican Mystery”

MasterChef Story: Episode 5 “Mexican Mystery”

I was so excited to meet our next guest judge. I never imagined I would have the pleasure to cook with not only Chef Sanchez but also season 6 Masterchef winner Chef Claudia. What an honor and joy it was to cook for these 2 amazing chefs. Chef Claudia brought such a winning spirit into the Masterchef kitchen. I couldn’t believe she had been standing right in my shoes less than a year ago! Chef Sanchez had such a passion for food that was contagious.

I couldn’t wait to pick up my mystery box! How excited I quickly became as I was looking at all the beautiful, fresh ingredients. I decided I would prepare a pan-seared snapper over a sweet corn and coconut rice. I topped the snapper with a mango and black bean salsa. The judges loved my dish, but unfortunately it wasn’t featured on yesterday’s episode. Tannoria’s Latin inspired dish won the mystery box challenge. I can still remember the wonderful smell in the Masterchef kitchen that day!

Tannoria had the advantage leading into the challenge. She chose pies for the elimination round. I made a dark chocolate and peanut butter pie with a hazelnut and coconut crust. I was very pleased with my pie. I was so thrilled when Chef Tossi said my pie was delicious. I made this special pie because it is my two sweet girls favorite dessert. It made me so happy to make something that my sweet girls loved in the Masterchef kitchen.
Tannoria’s second advantage was to hand out 3 spoons to 3 contestants that she wanted to save. Tannoria spoons went to David, Diamond, and Diana.

Unfortunately someone had to go home. The bottom 3 pies were Eric, Brandi, and Britney. Britney cooked for the last time in the Masterchef kitchen. She was such a dynamic individual. We will miss you Britney!

To be continued with next weeks lobster challenge….

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